Since I switched to HestiaCP (https://www.hestiacp.com), I will not provide new guides for ispconfig3.

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  • gOOvER

    Has added the Eintrag Images für Pterodactyl to the lexicon.
    New (Eintrag)

    Ich habe einige Imges für Pterodactyl erstellt. Hier ist die Liste mit den Links

  • gOOvER

    Wrote the article Welcome.
    Welcome to goover.de

    This page is actually my personal notepad on the internet, because I'm already old and forget a lot of things :)

    You'll find here guides, links and tips to software and things I don't want to forget.

    I'm also happy to help you with the installation or configuration of scripts, especially Pterodactyl [URL:https://pterodactyl.io/] & HestiaCP [URL:https://hestiacp.com/].

    Just open a ticket [URL:https://www.goover.de/support/] or write me at: [email protected]